car wrapThere are so many avenues of advertising you could use for your business: billboards, signs, radio, television, internet, etc. Which one of these spaces will benefit your business the most?

Although it may not be the first method that comes to mind, car wrapping is one of the best methods of advertising for your small or large business.

Consider these 7 business benefits of vehicle wrapping:

1.  Car wraps are a one-time cost.

With this one purchase, you can reach hundreds of thousands of people or more. ThumbPrint has found that “most wrapped vehicles that drive around the greater Los Angeles area will be seen over one million times over their lifespan.” That’s like having a million views on just one of your social media posts!

2.  Vehicle wraps can be customized to look exactly how you want.

You are not limited to the graphics or fonts available from the printer. This creates consistency in your branding since you can sport the same logo and font that appear on your website and your business cards.

3.  Customers can immediately identify your company vehicle.

When a workman or businessman comes to your residence, would you rather they be in a suspicious, unmarked van or a clearly marked company vehicle? The car wrap will put your customer at ease and encourage a trusting relationship with your company.

4.  Your car will be protected from the elements since car wraps provide an extra layer of protection for the body of the vehicle.  

Our car wraps are 3M MCS certified—that’s strong stuff!

car wraps5.  Reach potential customers where they are—outside on the road!

Americans are decreasing the amount of time they read newspapers and even watch traditional television. A billboard can reach those on the road, but only in a particular location for a short time. Almost everyone goes out on the road at least once a day. Get your brand out where the people can see it!

6.  You can reach the rich and poor, young and old, and people of all ethnic backgrounds.

No other form of advertising puts your brand in front of the masses as well as car wrapping.

7.  A vehicle wrap attracts attention without being offensive or annoying.

It subtly gives recognition to your brand or company. The visual of the car wrap will be stored in the potential customer’s mind even without them consciously trying to remember it. When they find themselves in need of your services, your business will be recalled because they saw your car wrap.

ThumbPrintInk LogoWhether you have one car or one hundred, are a local company or have a national fleet, ThumbPrint can work with you to create a car wrap specifically for your business. Click here for a quote.

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