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Appreciate Your Business

Your business might be doing well — maybe even great, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t revitalize your branding and treat your business the way it ought to be treated.

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Family Forward: ThumbPrint and Jean & Joyce Designs

As a customer of ThumbPrint, you might notice we are different than our competition here in Southern California.
The values that we promote like forward thinking design and quality customer service are ones that we truly believe in. Our founder Kenny Miller and the rest of the staff here at ThumbPrint strive to create a positive experience and family environment for our customers. Sharing in that vision is Lida Miller, wife of ThumbPrint founder and owner, Kenny Miller. Lida Miller is not only the support of her husband Kenny but is an entrepreneur in her own right.

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7 Business Benefits of Car Wrap

There are so many avenues of advertising you could use for your business: billboards, signs, radio, television, internet, etc. Which one of these spaces will benefit your business the most? Although it may not be the first method that comes to mind, car wrapping is one of the best methods of advertising for your small or large business.

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ThumbPrint Creates 13 Wraps for Mini Takes the States

This year for the 10th Anniversary of Mini Takes the States, ThumbPrint was asked to create 13 wrap kits! Mini Takes the States is an annual event, in which Mini Cooper owners from across the country are invited to participate in a cross-country road trip with...

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