Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps expand Mobile Advertising

Vehicle Wraps are a powerful form of mobile advertising.  Mobile advertising can be an effective and efficient form of outdoor advertising.  More than 95% of Americans are reached by media targeting vehicle drivers and passengers. There are many types of vehicle wraps that reach both vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

There are many types of vehicle wraps that reach both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Whether you are looking for a full vehicle wrap, a partial vehicle wrap or a vehicle wrap for a fleet of vehicles, we can help!

3 Easy Steps Get Vehicle Wrap for Your Business

1. At ThumbPrint Digital Printing & Signs we work with our clients on your graphic designs. We can help redesign your graphics for print, or we can create all new graphics for you. We have a team of specialists waiting to serve you.

2.  We install all of the full Vehicle Wraps we design. Our team of Digital Printing experts are fully certified, and they want to see your vehicle look its best.

3.  Ask our Digital Printing experts about our exclusive limited vehicle wrap warranty options.

Call (805) 527-9491 or get your free vehicle wrap quote for more details.

Watch a time lapse video of a Mini Cooper vehicle wrap to see the amazing finished product!

Vehicle Wraps are the Most Effective Form of Advertising!

ThumbPrint wrapped vehical

“I had my car wrapped, then months later unwrapped. Kenny and his team handled both processes professionally and seamlessly.  I highly recommend using ThumbPrint for all of your printing needs, especially if you care about your end result!” ~ Amy Z – January 2016

We at ThumbPrint Digital Printing & Signs are proud to be a featured 3M Certified facility. Every client of ours will have peace of mind knowing that our Vehicle Wraps are backed by the largest distributor of vehicle wrap materials in the world, and they’re headquartered in America.

Call (805) 527-9491 or for more details.

Services for Vehicle Wraps

ThumbPrint Kebab Daddy Wrap

Full Wraps

Fully wrapped vehicles are one of the most effective forms of advertising! You’ll literally be seen by thousands of people, everyday, for years. We want to wrap your vehicle and see your business grow! Call us today.
ThumbPrint Partial Wrap

Partial Wraps

Would you like just the door or hood of your vehicle to have your brand on it? We do partial vehicle wraps for our clients who don’t want to have their entire vehicle wrapped. This is a great way to be seen!
Dutton Plumbing Fleet Wraps

Fleet Wraps

When it comes to fleet wrapping, you want the message for your business to be effective, and you want it to be consistent. We offer both at ThumbPrint.
We Help With Colors

Color Change

We want your vehicle to look as great as your brand or business is! We handle several different wrapping films including 3M 1080, and Avery 900SW wrapping films. Let’s bring some color in!
ThumbPrint vinyl installation HBO

Installation for Hire

Do you own a print shop but don’t have an installer? We have you covered! We handle 3M vinyl installations for many companies. We have both local and international clients.
Vinyl Wrap Training and Consulting by Thumbprint

Training and Consulting

Have you ever thought about wrapping vehicles yourself? Find out how you can start a new income stream. We teach people how to wrap, and run a vehicle wrap business!

The Best Vehicle Wrap Service In Southern California!

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