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We are proud to announce that we have purchased an Aristo Cutter GL 610, which is a very high-end cutter that we plan to use for years to come. Our machine is well-equipped with a drag knife, oscillating knife, Kiss cut knife, scoring tool, and a 35K router.

Some of the materials that we can fabricate are:

  • Foam board (up to 1.5” thick) large size cuts or standees
  • Di-Bond (ACM panels up to 6 mil thick)
  • Acrylic signs (up to 1” thick) lobby signs, outdoor signs and plaques and more
  • MDF wood- plaques and signs
  • PVC board — indoor/short-term outdoor signage
  • Eagle cell board — great for POP displays

The new generation of the ARISTOMAT GL utilizes non-slip drive, a vacuum, and modern technologies. This large format cutter is solid, powerful, precise and reliable.

We are Ventura County’s number one large format print provider! We have produced an array of printed goods for the local community for nearly 18 years. Some of the clients that we’ve serviced include the Tony Hawk Foundation, BMW North America, numerous commercial fleets, and countless small businesses in Simi Valley, Southern California, several other states, and Canada.

Our mission at ThumbPrint is to serve our clients with great service, fast turnarounds at a fair price by utilizing high-quality equipment, trusted vendors, and talented team members.

For over 150 years, Aristo has garnered a reputation for themselves as a supplier for cutters, slide rules, and drawing aids. Today, Aristo is the leading German manufacturer of large format cutting equipment.

It is with great pleasure that we announce that we have purchased the Aristo Cutter GL 610. We look forward to serving our clients, and we believe that ThumbPrint is only going to continue to grow.

Contact: Kenny Miller

Telephone: (805) 527-9491


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